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Autumn 2023

Autumn has been swift and filled with beautiful flowers, special occasion floristry and artworks.

I have just published my quarterly artist blog if you would like to learn more about the artworks created over this season.

Corokia Studio continues to change over time and after many years on Etsy and Felt I have decided to close both those online stores. This is so I can bring all the Corokia Studio art and design into one online space and reopen with a dedicated online store.

I will continue to offer my art, writing and photography for a small monthly subscription via my artist page on Patreon, where you can receive a nature inspired artwork each month and I go deeper into the creative process with my patrons.

Aroha, Celeste

Flower artworks

Over the past months I have been experimenting with digital artworks which combine my nature printed paintings with scanned fresh flowers, foliage and seeds. I’m really pleased with the results and if you would like one of these new artworks they are all available by subscription from my Patreon page. Subscriptions start from as little as US$1 per month and that gives you access to my back catalogue of artwork, writing and photography. I’ve been on Patreon for nearly five years so there is much to explore in there.

Aroha, Celeste

Dried flowers

Over Winter I have been learning to create with dried flowers and foliage, making half wreaths and small bracelets. It is a slow and rewarding process of selecting from nature’s beauty and weaving it together to create a little homage to the extraordinary abundance of life growing around us. The small details of dried flowers and plants are fascinating. The process of making these is a lovely way to reconnect with nature when the weather outside is cooler. These creations are completely compostable as I use natural bases such as grapevine and birch, and jute twine.

Garden Posies

This summer I had the opportunity to make beautiful posies with summer flowers and foliage from a South Island garden. These are my favourite type of posy to make, as they are a seasonal reflection of a garden in bloom at the peak of summertime and the flowers are spray-free.

Technically these are more challenging than using cut flowers from the markets as the stems are shorter and everything is wilder! But I find the flowers are more fragrant and the posies are a glorious mix of nature’s bounty.


Hi everyone,

I have completed my Floristry Certificate! Studying full time during a pandemic was a challenging experience but it was good to have the support of experienced tutors and to be learning with other people who also love flowers. Learning new skills and deepening my knowledge of flowers and foliage has already had an impact on my work as a fine artist. It will be interesting to see how the two cross-fertilise in my creative work. Since completing my certificate I have continued to develop my floristry skills. You might spot me in this video made by Manukau Institute of Technology about their Floristry course!

Corokia Studio is relaunching offering artworks and florals. For special projects, editorial and commissions please contact me via email with details about your project.

Aroha and thanks, Celeste

Fragrant Garden

Fragrant Garden for FELT1

I have a new fine art print in the Corokia Felt shop, it is called Fragrant Garden and was made in spring with small scented plants from the Sensory Garden in Auckland Domain. Nature printing with fragrant plants is one of my favourite ways of making art.

I hope you like this softly coloured seasonal artwork!

Fragrant Garden for FELT4

Lilac Garden

Lilac Garden for FELT5

Lilac Garden is available as an A4 size fine art print from the Corokia Felt shop. Made with scented plants from the Sensory Garden in Auckland Domain, this painting in pale lilac, indigo and green is devoted to the soothing and calming properties of fragrant plants and flowers.

The prints I’m selling on Felt are open edition giclee digital fine art prints on 210gsm acid free matte art paper. They can be popped into a standard A4 frame (I use A4 frames from Factory Frames and the Warehouse for the photography) or take it along to your local framer for something special.

Lilac Garden for FELT3

Fine Art Prints

Blue Fern for FELT5

The Corokia Felt NZ shop has reopened with a new range of colourful botanical fine art prints! Pictured here is a detail of the Blue Fern print. I’m really pleased with how the new art prints have turned out, the details and colours look really lovely.

Blue Fern was made with ferns, fennel, wisteria and spearmint from my garden in soothing blue tones with touches of green and white.

These are good quality open edition giclee digital fine art prints on 210gsm acid free matte art paper. I’ll add some more to the shop over the coming weeks.

You can purchase these prints from the Corokia shop on Felt NZ.

Blue Fern for FELT3

Winter Herbal artwork on BioCups

Winter Herbal BioPak cup

This is exciting, my Winter Herbal artwork currently features on BioCups which are compostable, sustainable and made from plants! Available from BioPak in Australia. They look great and are better for the planet than conventional plastic packaging.

Please tag any you find around in cafes or supermarkets with #biocupartseries

Biocup with herbs2

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