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November 2015


The warm and sunny day must have influenced the work. Astraea is a new design destined to become some handmade cards. In Greek mythology Astraea was the goddess of innocence and purity associated with a golden age.


Astraea card

Astraea on shelf

Christmas Giveaway

Congratulations Olivia from California for winning our Christmas giveaway competition. A little package from New Zealand will be heading your way soon! To be in the draw for our next giveaway please follow us on Instagram @corokiastudio and ‘like’ our page on Facebook.

Corokia Studio Xmas giveaway

Corokia Studio Christmas 2015

Corokia Xmas 2015

Available soon on FELT, a new art card for Christmas. We’re also doing a little giveaway before Christmas, details soon!

Corokia Xmas card detail

DecorationsBlue spheres

Radience and Tangerine

Two new warm summery cards from Corokia Studio are now available on the Corokia Studio shop.

Tangerine frame


Delicious citrus Tangerines are a type of mandarin (possibly a different species) that originally came from Tangier, Morocco, hence the name. In these cards I’ve imagined the old city of Tangier shimmering in the the golden sun and the experience of eating a sweet tangerine on a hot day, it all mixed up into pictures of warm yellows, bright orange and burgundy.

Radience frame


The radience cards are full of warm tones evocative of bronzed summer days in the garden amongst sunflowers and soft brown grasses.

Corokia greeting cards are original artworks and can be popped into a standard 4 1/4 x 6″ photo frame to preserve them.

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