Corokia Studio


March 2016

Summer Designs 2015-16


Summer is a beautiful time in New Zealand and a huge source of inspiration. Blooming Pohutukawa trees, Corokia flowers and other native plants from the bush provide a really lush visual library of forms, colour and textures. So it is probably not surprising that leafprints feature in many of the Corokia Studio designs. These are made from fresh leaves picked in the garden and occasionally from further afield. The results are never quite predictable and that is one of the attractions of using them to make prints.

Some of the designs from Summer 2015-16 became greeting cards which are available online at the Corokia FELT shop. Others were gifts of original artwork. New designs and artwork will be available in the coming months from Corokia Studio, including some original artworks painted on small panels from April, in time for Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8th.

Corokia Studio patterns

Small Artworks

Anniversay gift

Work is in progress on a range of small artworks for the Corokia Studio online shop. These will continue some of the themes from the art cards – leaf prints will feature strongly and colours are soft and mellow.

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