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April 2017

Dreamy Garden


Dreamy Garden is available as a framed or unframed art print from the Corokia Society6 shop. I made this painting using foliage from my garden, mixing New Zealand native Kōwhai and Pohutukawa with geraniums, sage and other garden favourites. The Kōwhai is a lovely tree with small leaflets and bright yellow flowers that attract native birds such as Tui and Kereru. You can read more about this tree on the Department of Conservation website. A few years ago we used a Kōwhai tree for our Christmas tree and this tree is now growing strong and starting to flower each year.

Dreamy garden framed

Dreamy garden small detail



Geraniums is a lovely soft green, pink and yellow artwork that I’ve just added to the Society6 Corokia shop. It is available as art prints, canvas, travel mugs and greeting cards. This is one of my favourites! It has a really calm and soothing feel and was inspired by summertime in the garden and the fragrant geraniums growing in my backyard.

Geraniums framed

Geraniums canvas print

Geraniums travel mug

Kensington Garden

Kensington Garden iphone

New on the Corokia Society6 shop is the Kensington Garden artwork that I made over the Easter break, available as iphone accessories, art prints and travel mugs.

Kensington Garden travel mug small

Kensington Garden small

Made with foliage from a garden in Kensington, Whangarei, including hydrangea, gardenia, fern and lavender. The soft pastels in this painting were inspired by the hydrangea and lavender of this suburban garden.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden framed lowres

Fans of purple will love the rich colouring of the Purple Garden print, available from Corokia on Etsy as an instant digital download. Made with New Zealand geraniums, sage, lavender and fuchsia leaves from my garden. This artwork is A5 size. Enjoy!

Purple Garden detail

Card and gift tags for Autumn

Lavender in Autumn with foliage2

Lavender in Autumn is a new card on the Corokia Studio Etsy shop. I gathered a variety of autumn foliage to make this artwork and then chose tones to evoke the changing season, such a gorgeous time of year with leaves turning orange, red, yellow and brown. I’ve put some matching gift tags on as well. These come in a sheet with nine tags in total.

Lavender in Autumn circle gift tag

Lavender in Autumn gift tags

Hebe and Wild Strawberry

Hebe and Wild Strawberry art

A lovely new artwork available from the Corokia Studio Etsy shop as an instant digital download. Made using foliage from the garden including lemon balm, wild strawberry, feijoa, hebe, lamb’s ear, ferns and lavender. I love the mix of purples, mauve, cyan and autumnal tones in this picture and the overall effect they have. This work is part of a series where I am experimenting with some unusual and beautiful combinations and really trying to push into new territory for me with my colours and forms.

It is A5 size and can be printed at home using photo quality paper or take it to your local print shop and print on 200gsm (light card weight) paper for a good result. Available for personal use only please.

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